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How to Attract Traffic from Pinterest with Tailwind

Sit back and watch as you build a whole new source of traffic. For many Tailwind members, Pinterest traffic rivals or even exceeds organic search!

Go from Ideas to Beautiful Pins on Pinterest, Instantly

In one magical click, transform your photos into dozens of personalized Pin design ideas. The only hard part is choosing which one to use!

Get Discovered by the Right People

Create and share all within Tailwind! Spread your Pins out across relevant Boards at the most engaging times so Pinterest’s 416 million users can discover your best content and click through to your site.

Watch Your Traffic from Pinterest Skyrocket

Amplify each Pin’s reach even further by teaming-up with similar creators in Tailwind Communities.

TREKKN, RV Lifestyle & Travel Logo

As soon as I started using Tailwind, our site traffic skyrocketed. I truly believe Tailwind is THE tool that helped us grow a site from nothing to a full-time income in under a year.

Julie Bonner
TREKKN, RV Lifestyle & Travel
Gypsea Art Designs Logo

Tailwind jump-started my new Etsy shop, Gypsea Art Designs! I get so much traffic I have to keep adding more inventory every day.

Chérie De Sues
Gypsea Art Designs

Optimize Each Pin for More Traffic with Delightfully Smart Pinterest Tools


Create a personalized schedule with the most engaging times for YOUR audience.

Tailwind Create

Quickly create designs optimized for Pinterest engagement, traffic, and conversions.

Browser Extension

Easily create new Pins from anywhere on the web and schedule them to the most relevant Boards in seconds.

Pinterest Board Lists & Intervals

Effortlessly send new Pins to all your most relevant boards in a single click with custom Board lists. Then, spread them out for maximum engagement with preset intervals.

Pinterest Scheduler
Tailwind Communities

Team-Up with Pinterest Content Creators in Your Niche to Grow Faster

Grow Your Reach from Pinterest

Find and join Communities in 4,000+ niches to reach new audiences.

Endless Supply of Relevant Content

Quickly find fresh, quality content from consistent Pinners.

Discover New Pinterest Influencers & Partners

Kick-off your next content collaboration with a friendly, spam-free community.

Explore Tailwind Communities
Tailwind Create

Create Beautiful Pins Faster Than Ever Before

No More Creative Block

In one magical click, transform your photos into dozens of personalized Pin design ideas. The only hard part is deciding which one to use!

Design and Publish Pins Faster Than Ever

Go from idea to beautiful, branded, personalized Pin faster than ever before!

Make Pins That Work

Creating a new Pin with Tailwind Create resulted in 373% more Repins (Saves) than resharing existing content.
*When compared with all Tailwind Pins, January 2021

Create. Schedule. Publish. All in One Place.

Don’t spend a single extra minute downloading, organizing, or uploading your Pin designs again!


See What's Working Across Every Pin & Board

Top Pins Report

See which of your Pins are driving traffic to your content and find a ready source of inspiration when you see which Pins are driving traffic to other people’s content!

Pin Inspector

Instantly spot your most-clicked and saved Pins so you always know what to improve (even if you’re not a “numbers” person).

100% Safe to Use

Tailwind is an official Pinterest Partner, so you can rest easy knowing your account is safe.


Stay Up to Date on Pinterest’s Best Practices So You Can Grow Fearlessly

Active Monitoring

Rest easy knowing SmartGuide will alert you if it spots risky behavior that could reduce your overall reach.

Recommended Best Practices

Get recommendations and easy fixes to maintain a healthy queue of scheduled Pins.

Smarter Pinterest Marketing

The average Tailwind member gets 6.9x more repins and 3.7x more followers on Pinterest.

Even More Smart Pinterest Features to Save Time & Grow

Drag & Drop Calendar

Fine-tune your schedule by dragging each Pin exactly where it needs to go.

Bulk Upload

Upload dozens of new images at the same time to create a full week of fresh Pins all at once.

Website Insights

Discover what people are Pinning from your site.

Multi-Board Pinning

Schedule to any combination of boards on the fly for snappy, custom distribution at preset intervals.

Summary Reports

Choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly digests of your most important Pinterest metrics.

Post to Facebook

Cross post a Facebook-specific image, link, and custom update to your Facebook page.

Pin From Instagram

Create fresh Pins from new photos published to your Instagram account.

Invite Teammates

Add a collaborator to help you create and manage new posts.

Multiple Accounts

Toggle between every Pinterest account that matters to you.

All-in-One Solution

Create, schedule, and publish all in one place. Pinterest marketing has never been faster.

Design and Publish Pins Fast

With millions of combinations possible, your designs will truly be one of a kind!

Create & Grow On The Go

Join 20,000+ members using Tailwind's mobile app to create fresh Pins and stay flawlessly organized from the couch, coffee shop, and everywhere else.

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