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Monitor Pinterest Activity for Your Brand

Track Your Content, Industry Trends, Engagement and Conversations across Pinterest

  • Monitor Your Domain
  • Industry Trends

Monitor Your Domain

Track How Your Content Spreads Organically on Pinterest

Monitor, measure and learn from pinning trends related to your brand

Tailwind dashboard monitoring trends and organic reach of Pinterest Pins.
  • Observe how often Pinners pin from your site, and gauge your potential reach across Pinterest
  • Understand what your customers want by analyzing trending topics and branded content insights
  • Leverage image recognition and pixel matching technology to see which images are most popular in aggregate
  • Stay a step ahead by identifying common keywords and topics used with your content to improve your Pinterest SEO
  • Manage recent comments and conversations about your brand across Pinterest
  • Engage with the latest pins in real-time or sort by most pinned, most clicked, or most engaged
Tailwind dashboard monitoring trends and organic reach of Pinterest Pins.
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Pinterest Industry Trends

Monitor Competitors Across your Industry

Enhance your Pinterest strategy with high-level industry trends and detailed competitive insights

Pinterest competitor and industry trends dashboard from Tailwind
  • See how you stack up by benchmarking your brand’s followers, engagement, reach and more against the competition
  • Identify content trends like the most effective content sources, popular interests and the best times to pin
  • Keep your finger on the pulse by uncovering trending topics, and analyzing the context in which they're being discussed

Your data powers recommendations across Tailwind

  • Actionable Analytics
    Go beyond vanity metrics and let Tailwind guide you from insights to action
  • Smart Scheduling
    Optimize social publishing with recommended times to pin, based on your data

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