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Create Beautiful Pins Faster Than Ever Before

Create Pins on Pinterest in one magical click, automatically transforming your photos into dozens of personalized Pin design ideas.

Start with a forever-free plan. No credit card required.
Create Beautiful Pins Faster Than Ever Before

Create Effective Pinterest Pins Like These in Minutes

Generate engaging Pinterest Pin designs in 5 minutes or less. Choose from hundreds of posts optimized and created specifically for Pinterest.

Life's Better in Linen Promotion - Pinterest Pin Template Play & Learn Promotion - Pinterest Pin Template The Best Adventure Travel Destinations For 2020 - Pinterest Pin Template Supercharge Your Glow Promotion - Pinterest Pin Template

“It saves me so much time creating images, and it gives me ideas I never would have thought of.” - Leah Chischilly, Women’s Wellness Coach


From Ideas to Pins, Instantly

Instantly preview a stream of personalized Pin designs to find the right one for your business. Each one is expertly designed and optimized for Pinterest engagement.

Create Pinterest Pins free

You Never Thought Your Pins Could Look This Good!

Start with Pins automatically personalized to your brand. Then “try on” different looks to suit your style. Not a designer? No problem! Instantly switch between colors, photos, and layouts to find your perfect look!

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Get More Distribution For Your Pins

Pins made with Tailwind Create get 47% more repins (saves) when compared with all other Pins sent via Tailwind. See the January 2021 data study.

Create Pinterest Pins free


"This is freaking fabulous. I'm catching on quickly and loving the results of these Pin designs. Woohoo!”

Ashlyn D’Aoust
Artist and Online Retailer

“I am getting more Pinterest clicks on these designs than the ones I spend 15 min each myself.”

Blogger and Social Worker

“THE DESIGNS ARE GORGEOUS. I love that. There are so many different ones that you can pick from depending on the kind of style that you want.”

Susan Buonpane

Start Creating Beautiful Pinterest Pins Today!

Start with a forever-free plan. No credit card required.